At the end of the rainbow

Nichaan Brice


From a little girl, I was always fascinated by the design of the human body. ‘Processed foods’ did not exist to the extent available now. My first experience with them was due to a diagnosis of lactose intolerance at 14. UHT Rice milk tasted awful. I started drinking only hot water and lemon. Surprisingly I felt better, why, I didn’t know until much later.

I’ve always cared about people. Serious injury and health issues, combined with the inability of conventional medicine to fix me, lead me back to my early life and my interest in natural medicine. After qualifying as a Reflexologist in 2004, I decided to specialise in Pregnancy, fertility, cancer and Endocrinology. Working with alternative medicine has assisted me to restore my health and assist many others to overcome health issues of their own.

An alternative health lifestyle involves many components, integral to which is juicing. The raw nature of juicing enables essential enzymes to feed the cells. Working with Paul, Earth Rainbow began as a quest to feed people’s knowledge and assist them to understand that you are what you absorb.

Paul Leyburn


Nichaan came into my life while I was caring for my mother and searching for alternative treatments for the bowel cancer my mother was suffering from. When I realised that Nichaan's extensive knowledge in Holistic Health would replace my 'limping' hunt for a solution with a solid ground base for a possible reversal of mum's clinical diagnosis, I eagerly asked Nichaan for her help.

Much patient persistence was required to overcome a 'lifetime' of eating whatever took my mother's fancy. Nichaan's patience finally began to bear fruit as my mother finally accepted the need to change her diet and food ethos. The change was dramatic and my mother's health through juicing and a plant based diet improved to the point where the cancer was contained and mum was heading towards a very positive outcome.

Having seen the positive evidence in action, when Nichaan suggested helping other people improve their diet and health through a company supplying cold pressed juices and other plant based food, I happily agreed. Earth Rainbow was born.