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Nut mylk:

Indulge in a Pecan expresso. Pecans may prove beneficially viable in assisting with cognitive disorders and may improve cardiovascular health. High in protein, containing about 3 grams per ounce. They contain a wealth of copper which is essential for enzyme functions. As such, they can help you from feeling lethargic, by helping your body create its energy source, ATP. Naturally sweetened with organic maple syrup and vanilla extract. Dairy free pick me up with a Pecan milk.

Water, pecan nuts (11.8%), maple syrup, Himalayan salt, vanilla extract, thickener guar gum.

Total per 100ml 
Energy (kJ): 360
Energy (kcal): 87
Fat (g): 8.3
of which Saturates (g): 0.7
Carbohydrate (g): 2.1
of which Sugars (g): 1.7
Protein (g): 1.1
Salt (g): 0.12

250ml | £4.49
500ml | £6.49
Tax Exempt


“My granny’s favourite drink is Lemon Heaven with its really tasty blend of flavours. I’d actually love to see it a bit stronger.”

“Fennel Fusion is a fresh juice with a really palatable flavour and a clean quality.”

“The flavour of your Pistachio nut mylk comes through prevalently while still being very easy to drink.”

“Happy Beet was my mum's favourite drink, she loved the mix of ingredients that went into it to make a unique and tasty flavour.”

“Divine Lime is definitely my favourite of the juices. A really interesting, delicious, taste. A great strength, texture and flavour combining into a brilliantly rounded drink.”

“I love the nut mylks, but especially the Pecan. It has a strong taste of real pecans and a great raw flavour.”

“I love ginger in any food or drink so your Gingerade juice immediately clicked with me. Could possibly be a bit less concentrated.”